Kodaline Concert March 2015


A few weeks ago I went to see one of my favourite bands in concert. Since I’ve been to see them before around a year ago, if it’s possible I was even more excited this time around since I knew what to expect – I knew they’d be freakin’ awesome again!

They released their second album back in February and I’ve been growing steadily more crazy about for the month before I went to see them. It was the same place where I went to see them as last time and I went with

my Mum again since I introduced them to her last year and now she’s a big fan of them too! She keeps hearing their new single The One on the radio and texting me about it to tell me it’s on.

I’ll post below their single ‘The One’. Typically a band will release 2 or 3 singles off of an album. First they released ‘Honest’ then their album ‘Coming Up For Air’, then they released my favourite from the album – ‘The One’. If you take a listen a like it then great! I would definitely recommend giving their album a listen if you like the track.


I also did a quick few videos and I’ll post one of those below, along with some photos that I took during the night. The atmosphere was just electrifying. For me, the mobile phones being up all the time can get a bit annoying, for others the crowd singing along to the band can be annoying too but personally I love it. When it’s just the lead singer and the crowd singing a particular part of the song it really gets to me.

I’ve chosen the video below simply because it’s of a specific song of theirs that you may have heard if you watch a certain popular television show. Kodaline have 2 songs from their previous album that are used as part of Googglebox on Channel 4. ‘In A Perfect World’ is used as the shows theme tune for the start of the show and the credits. And then ‘Brand New Day’ which is what they’re singing in my video clip is used throughout the show as backing music etc.

Hopefully you’ll give the videos a watch/listen and maybe enjoy the band. I certainly enjoyed the show and I’m on eggshells waiting for them to announce another UK tour for next year since I’m so desperate to see this fantastic band again!



25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 25

So here we are!

I’ll admit straight off that this blogging challenge has not been easy. If you seen some of the posts you’ll notice that I’ve had to cheat every now and then in order to get all of the posts done but, I’m really glad I’ve done it. It’s been interesting to see what songs I’ve chosen.

We’ve had my favourite song, a song that’s made me cry, a song that makes me want to dance and 22 more but now it’s time for Day 25!

So my final post of the challenge is: A song you could listen to all day.

I’ve featured a couple of Ed Sheeran songs in this challenge. I really shouldn’t do another one but, I’ve had this one down since I first started making notes on these posts and what songs and reasons to use etc.

As I said, I know I’ve already featured Ed Sheeran during this challenge and I’ve tried not to use the same artist/s more than once but, this song is really special to me. I think the rhythm and smoothness of it is just elegant and wonderful

Ed Sheerans voice is like melted chocolate, each word a caress, each note resonates with beauty.

There you have it then! I’m surprised and chuffed to be hones that I’ve managed to complete every post for this challenge so, I won’t lie, I’m giving myself a little pat on the back for that. It’s been fun though and now I’m looking forward to getting stuck into something new.

Thank you all for taking a look and I hope you’ve enjoyed all or part of this little blogging adventure πŸ˜‰

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 24

I mentioned in my ‘A song that makes you want to dance’ post that I’m not a big dancer, but that I’v been clubbing a handful of times. Since I started university 7 months ago, I’ve been twice, with different groups of friends and have enjoyed it immensely. We got ready and had some pre-drinks before heading into town where we had a few more drinks and partied for the night!

So I should get on with it and say that Day 24 is: A song you’ve danced to with your best friend.

I’ve chosen a song from that night. I can’t remember the songs we listened to for the whole night, but one particular song stuck in my head because it was the first time I’d heard it properly and, it’s currently very popular. All of us were dancing all round and chatting, we were all singing and jiving together with the music and lights etc. It was great.

I know people are probably getting pretty sick of it now since it’s been very popular but, when I hear it now it reminds me of that night so, it’s grown on me!

A huge thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time for the final post of the music challenge πŸ˜‰

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 23

I’ve mentioned before that I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to music. I like all sorts. Various composers, artists and styles.

So it’s only fitting, that the music I don’t particularly like, or in fact dislike, is also quite eclectic. There are a number of artists I dislike, however, the majority of the time, I dislike 1 particular song of theirs but enjoy all of the others!

Therefore, as with my Favourite Song post as a part of this challenge, I’ve decided to do the same kind of thing for this part.

Day 23 is: A song you cannot stand to listen to.

So, with my Favourite Song post I explained my eclectic taste and then gave 3 of my favourite songs rather than just picking my absolute favourite. I think this worked well and it was the only way I could actually put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard! So here goes!

This song is annoying. It’s catchy but it’s highly irritating. I don’t mind Avril Lavigne, in fact back in the day I loved her but, this song is so cheesy is hurts.

As with Avril, I usually quite like Bruno Mars but, this song is smarmy and grates on my nerves.

Micheal Jackson as a person can be a very acquired taste, he was never really somebody who won any popularity contests. However, his music was always relatively popular, his songs featured in the top spots of the charts frequently. I enjoyed a great number of these hits, but Earth Song was one of his that I absolutely detested.

So there’s 3 songs that I can’t stand to listen to, there are of course more but, I’ve given 3 of my top ones – as with the favourite song post. Apologies for the negativity of this post, not something I like to bring to my blog but the 25 days, 25 songs challenge called for it this time!

Something more up-beat next time, thanks for reading πŸ˜‰

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 22

Hello again all! I’m on a roll with this challenge so I’m gonna keep going since I’ve so many other ideas in my head to get started on as well.

I have a few musically minded friends, one very close friend loves is music, plays the guitar, creates pieces etc. but he’s not a singer – I don’t know anybody who sings. I sing a lot myself but, not to other people! So I’ve cheated slightly with this particular part of the challenge. Since I realise now I think about it that nobody has sung to me – not directly, that I can remember anyway!

Day 22 is (drum-roll please..): A song somebody has sung to you.

Like I said, it’s hard to stick to this one since, so far as I can recall, nobody has ever sung to me directly. I’ve been to gigs etc but, I wouldn’t call that somebody singing to me.

However, I have a friend who is, quite similar to me.. in that she’s stark raving bonkers also. And she likes to say song lyrics at random moments. She has a particular special favourite and now I’ve caught the habit slightly, so I’ve started saying this particular line also.

“Do you ever feel… like a plastic bag.”

Thanks to my friend, this song will always remind me on this little habit now! I do find it amusing though.

See you for another post soon and thanks for reading everybody πŸ˜‰

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 21

I’ll be honest, this is one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever done. I’ve said before that I have an eclectic taste when it comes to music – with varying and far reaching tastes in terms of songs, artists, bands, composers etc.

I’m going to cheat a bit here. Since I feel the choice is just too difficult to make for this one.

Day 21 is a belter: Your favourite song.

So as I said, I’m going to bend the rules slightly here. I’m not going to choose one favourite song, it’s too difficult and things like that change every 10 minutes for somebody like me. So I’m going to choose 3 of my favourite songs – NOT my top 3, just 3 of my top overall songs. You’re just gonna have to settle for that since even these songs aren’t always in my top overall songs!

This one has always had a special place in my heart – and always will. It’s from my ‘era’ shall we say, and the lyrics are 100% relatable to 99% of people.

Note that this song is called Laura – which of course makes it an instant winner with me since it’s my namesake. Aside from that though the song is simply beautiful.

Needless to say I love Biffy Clyro, and this song is one of my special favourites – of theirs and in terms of music itself. It’s simply saying that to be together, sometimes you have to be apart – a noble sentiment for sure!

Well that’s it for me for this post, that’s 3 of my top favourite songs. It’s just impossible to choose a favourite so you can make do with that. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post πŸ˜‰


25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 20

Following on from my last post which meant that I had to choose the first song alphabetically in my iTunes, it’s time for the next post in my musically themed blogging challenge.

It’s another easy one today: The last song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes.

Once again this song isn’t really one I can choose since it’s just what is on my iTunes list – I suppose I did choose to put it there on my iTunes though! And it is a very catchy tune that I’ve got in store for you!

The original is also a really sweet tune but, this cover really hits the spot – and it’s first alphabetically apparently!

Well, I’m going to leave it there for now, I’ll keep this post short. Mainly because it’s simple but also because the next post will require a LOT of thinking on my part since it’s the hardest part of the challenge and a gigantic decision to make for me.

Until next time then folks and thanks for reading! πŸ˜‰

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 19

Hoorah, it’s an easy post this time! I’ve been enjoying this challenge but I won’t lie and say it’s been a piece of cake. Today though, all I have to do is look at my iTunes and make sure it’s in alphabetical order by name of the song and I’m all set!

Day 19 is of course: The 1st song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes.

I’ll say now that I use my iPhone as an iPod nowadays and I sync that with the iTunes on my computer so, I’ve not chosen either location but rather, both of them.

I know there’s already been some Ed Sheeran featured in this blogging challenge, however, I have no power over the alphabet so it’s tough! Anyway, you can’t have too much Ed Sheeran in your iTunes. This is another beautiful song by Ed and a definite favourite of mine.

I’ll leave it there for this post since there’s nothing more I can really add! Since we’ve done A, you can guess that it’s Z next so, keep ’em peeled folks πŸ˜‰

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 18

I have a very eclectic taste in music, I listen to a wide variety of artists, composers and bands. Which means that this post in my challenge is particularly difficult. Since I have such varied taste when it comes to music, obviously I can’t listen to all the music I enjoy, all of the time. Varying moods and occasions mean I listen to certain music at certain times and some of my favourites are neglected.

Of course, I think most people have those specific songs they listen to much more than others however, there are also those special favourites that we do not keep on repeat but rather, re-discover occasionally.

So then, day 18 is: A song that you love but rarely listen to.

I’ve chosen an oldie but a definite favourite – of mine and of many others I’m sure. I recently read a book, and featured in the book is a particularly wonderful scene where the hero and heroine sing this beautiful song together.

I won’t say that I’m a Simon and Garfunkel fan, since I haven’t heard any of their other pieces, however, this song is a wonderful harmony and I enjoy re-discovering it every now and then.

Many thanks as always for reading, next time it’s a matter of A to Z!

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 17

I’ll start by saying that I’m not a big dancer. I enjoy the odd jig, the occasional bit of clubbing and I like to slow dance when the opportunity is around, however, dancing is not a particular enjoyment of mine. That’s not the say though, that I don’t enjoy it when the occasion calls for it.

Since I’m not a big drinker and not somebody who lives a particularly loud life, clubbing isn’t something I do very often. I’ve only been a handful of times but have enjoyed it immensely. I’ll say then that I’m not into ‘modern’ dancing, I haven’t had salsa classes and haven’t been a ballerina dancer since I was 6.

So day 17 is: A song that makes you want to dance.

I’ve chosen a song that makes me want to slow dance, to whirl around and hold my partner close, with a hand on my waist and smiles on our faces. I’m not saying I go waltzing at the weekend but, I’d much rather slow dance that anything else.

I’ll make no excuses and state that I am actually in love with Ed Sheeran. I think he’s a fantastic musician and wonderful person – not that I’ve met him of course! I am in awe of his music and thoroughly enjoy many of his songs. Thinking Out Loud is the latest in a long list of wonderful pieces he has created/written. Only this time he’s created a video featuring himself, as you can see he has been learning a new talent and become learned in slow dancing.

Even without the video to accompany this wonderful song, hearing it makes me want to whirl around a beautiful old ballroom with my partner in time to the music. Even when alone I find myself swaying to this elegant melody.

That’s all from me for now – I’ll be back with another post soon!