Dusting off the DSLR in Dovedale

On December 30th I invited a friend from down South to come for a catch up and a trip up to the Peaks. Since he’s a couple of hours away, we don’t see each other that much but, it’s great to meet and have a gossip and show him some of the Derbyshire sights, in the past we’ve been to Bakewell, Monsal Head, Carsington Water, Matlock Bath and more. We usually try and plan ahead so that we’re doing this exploring in the summer and can take advantage of the long daylight hours but, this was a spur of the moment thing!

By the time he made it up to me and we had travelled the hour to the Peaks (Ilam Park specifically) it was already past midday. Not much daylight time left!

Thanks to the recent snow and rain in the area, the place was very very muddy and very wet – especially on the banks of the River Dove in the Dovedale valley, since the river had swamped the path on one side. Thankfully, we’d come prepared with hats, scarves and thick coats to combat the cold and welly boots to wade through the mud and river. 

Since I haven’t taken my Canon DSLR camera out for a good long while, I decided to take it with me on our little jaunt and brush up on my photography skills. I’ve still been doing as much photography as I can but, I haven’t used that camera in a long while – using my iPhone instead mainly. It was really nice just to amble along and catch some landscape shots whilst we chatted and explored.

As you can see, the River Dove had completely swamped the path on one side. My friend managed to scramble up the embankment a little and walk along there. I had my welly boots on and decided to just wade through it!

There’s always room for improvement in photography, all in all I like these photos but they aren’t as good as I think they should be – they’re a little bland and I’d have liked to have done more in the edit but, for a first attempt after a bit of an absence, I’m happy with them.

I’ll definitely be using my camera more this year as I really enjoyed using it again. It’s not the best camera and I’m not a great photographer but, it’s a fun hobby that I enjoy and love to share with others. So, hopefully you’ll be seeing many more images from me over the coming year!

Happy New Year everybody!


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