Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve Walk

Again I’m a little behind but I’m sure you know how it is over the Christmas period! My last post was a Christmas makeup tutorial since we were holding a small family gathering, partly for Christmas but also as it was my Dad’s birthday recently as well. On Christmas Eve, we had other family round for another little get together, which was lovely, but did mean we couldn’t do our usual Christmas Eve evening walk around the village to get some fresh air and admire everybody’s amazing Christmas lights.

However, me and my sister did take a quick half an hour to sneak out and have a wander around and get a few photos of the lights. It’s been quite a mild few days here so we didn’t exactly have to layer up but we didn’t stay out very long. Afterwards, we headed back to relax with family and enjoyed lots of cheese, wine and chocolate

There always seems to be quite a few houses with a lot of lights and outdoor decorations in our village so, quite a long time ago we started a tradition of going around the village and admiring them. We don’t always go on Christmas Eve but, it’s usually the best time since everybody has finished work etc. for Christmas and we actually have time to go and do it!

The photos we got aren’t amazing since I used my iPhone but hopefully you can see some of the great displays we have here in the village. Sure some people – like us, will just have one or two things up but, many houses go all out with reindeer, inflatable Santa’s and snowmen, hundreds of lights, trees etc. It’s lovely to see, especially when you can walk down the street and see them all coming up ahead!



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