Blogmas Day 23: A Christmas Makeup Look

I had thought about doing a vlog post for this but, time and equipment made me feel a bit restricted so, I’ve taken some photos and I’ll list what I used and how. I would love to do some sort of makeup/skincare vlog in the future…

Sorry for the kind of rubbish photos here, I was in a rush and couldn’t find the right light and felt really awkward so this’ll have to do!

But this photo shows the finished makeup look that I created. It only differs slightly from what I usually do but, I wanted to add a little glitter and sparkle since it’s Christmas!

I should say I rarely wear makeup, depending on what I’m doing I might put a little on but, on a day-to-day basis I don’t bother! I should also say, although I’m sure you’ve worked it out, I’ve not done anything like this before so, if I don’t explain myself very well please forgive me and I’ll work on it!

So, here’s the products that I used to create this look, unfortunately I don’t have any photos but, I’ve described them as best as possible and I’ll try and say if they’re any good or not!


2. Liquid Foundation – Avon Ideal Flawless BB skin-loving beauty balm in nude. More a BB cream than a foundation I’ll admit but, I’ve never got on with foundation, or felt like I really need it so, this is just to touch up a few areas and add some colour.


3. Powder Foundation – Natural Collection from Boots pressed powder in neutral. Like I said, I don’t both with liquid foundation, I find that a little of this to smooth over the face is enough for me. I’m very very lucky to have quite nice skin – probably because I don’t wear makeup very often and am very careful about what products I use on my face.

4. Liquid Eyeliner – Avon Super Extend precise liquid liner. This one’s a little hit and miss, sometimes it’s really good and goes on like a dream. Other times it’s more of a pain, I think it depends when I last used it to be honest since it dries out a little.

5. Eye-shadow – I used two different eye-shadow palettes to create this look, each with four complimenting colours. One is Avon’s true colour from the Modern Romance Collection, which features a cream, beige, burgundy and dark brown. The other is Avon’s true colour Urban Skyline quad which is varying shades of black and grey.

6. Shimmer Powder – The Body Shop eye-shadow shimmer powder. Does exactly what it says on the tin. 

If you hadn’t worked out already, I used to sell Avon! I don’t sell for them or buy from them anymore since they resumed testing their products on animals but, I have a lot of their products still so I’ve been trying to use them up.

Here’s another quick photo of the eye-shadow look I created, I know it’s not the best photo, I try not to do eye-shadow too heavy as well since, I’m quite pale and don’t want it to drown my face.

I normally use eyeliner to trace my top eyelid/lash line, then go over it with a black eye-shadow using an eyeliner brush. I then added silver eye-shadow and some of the Body Shop shimmer powder to add a little glitter. I thought about doing eyeliner flicks at the corners of my eyes but it always goes wrong and I didn’t have time!



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