Blogmas Day 20: TV I’m Looking Forward to this Christmas

I don’t tend to watch much television nowadays to be honest, I have a few select programmes that I obsess over – Game of Thrones, Doctor Who etc. but they aren’t on all the time so, in between I usually live on Netflix, catching the latest exclusives and binge watching random boxsets that I didn’t see when they were on TV such as Merlin and The Tudors. But, there are a few things I’m looking forward to watching this Christmas!

A Christmas Chase: Celebrity Special – ITV 5.50pm Christmas Eve

To be honest I don’t recognise any of the celebs in this edition but, I absolutely love The Chase, no matter who is on it. Bradley Walsh and the chasers are a laugh and I’ve always liked trying to make myself feel intelligent by answering the questions correctly on quiz shows.

Muppet Christmas Carol – Channel 4 6.30pm Christmas Eve

I know this isn’t a television programme but, this is literally one of the best films ever. It’s funny and clever but, there’s a serious underlying message there as well – basically don’t be a dick. I make a point of watching this every Christmas so I’m glad to see it’s on on Christmas Eve.

Gogglebox 2017 – Channel 4 9pm Christmas Eve

A fantastic 2 hour look back at what’s been going on on Gogglebox this year. With clips from television programmes and the reactions of unimpressed Gogglebox-ers, this year end review is sure to be a laugh.

Doctor Who Christmas Special – BBC One 5.30pm Christmas Day

One of my favourite television programmes of all, this year Peter Capaldi steps down as the Doctor and regenerates into the first female Doctor. Capaldi has, to my mind, been one of the best actors to play the Doctor – if not the best, so I’m sad to see him be leaving but I’m sure he’ll go out with a bang. Plus I’m excited to see the new incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker.

Victoria – ITV 9pm Christmas Day

Hallelujah! Another of my favourite programmes is back this Christmas for a special, 2 hour episode which sees Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their family enjoying the festive season. It hasn’t been long since season 2 of the show concluded but I’m already dying to see more.

That’s everything that I’ve earmarked in the Radio Times Christmas 2017 book, I’m sure there’ll be other things on that I’ll end up watching and there’s a few other movies on such as The Gruffalo and Harry Potter that I’m hoping to watch but, these here are the main ones that I don’t want to miss! Hope you enjoy some Christmas telly as well, and make sure you clear your Sky box before setting everything to record!



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