Blogmas Day 17: Making Your Home Festive

I know I’ve already done decorating your house for Christmas but, I wanted to do a post about making your home festive, since although decorating your house with a tree and lights etc. is part of creating a festive atmosphere in your home, it’s not all there is to it!


We’ve always had mistletoe in the house at Christmas. My Dad’s boss grows it in his back garden and every year he brings a big bag full into work for everybody to take home. You have to be very careful with it since it’s very toxic but, you can easily find somewhere to hang it, ready for the Christmas kisses!

Christmas Music

Playing Christmas music in the house is sure to put everybody in the Christmas mood and it makes the whole house feel festive. Check out my list of top 10 Christmas songs. We tend to use the Echo Dot with Alexa to just play a selection of Christmas songs, or we’ll put Spotify on through the Bluetooth sound system. Since we have quite an open plan house, it’s lovely and festive when you have everybody in the kitchen/living area with Christmas music in the background.


Candles all year round make a house feel like home but, especially at Christmas. Glade do an amazing range of Christmas themed scented candles. We’ve particularly enjoyed the Apple Cinnamon and Nutmeg one. We’ve also been partial to the Gingerbread candle from Wilko since it smells exactly like somebody is actually cooking Gingerbread!

Bowl of Nuts

I’ll admit we haven’t gotten ours out yet this year as we’ve not had many people over for Christmas drinks yet but, we will soon have a big bowl of mixed nuts out on the side in the living area, with a huge nutcracker on top. To be fair, you could have this out all year round but, there’s something Christmas-sy about it!

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine can be made from scratch of course but, we prefer to buy it bottled in the local supermarket and just warm it up on the stove. Apart from creating a lovely fruity, Christmas-sy smell in the kitchen, it goes down a treat when you’ve come in from being outside/at work all day. It also reminds me of Christmas markets since whenever I go to one I end up having either a hot chocolate or a mulled wine to warm up.



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