Blogmas Day 8: Top 5 Family Christmas Games

I mentioned in my last post that a Christmas tradition in my family that we try and keep to each Christmas Day is to play board and card games. Here are some of the games me and my family like to play.

1. Chess

We don’t sit around on a typical Friday night playing chess but, it’s fun to get it out on Christmas Day and get a little competitive. My Sister and I like to have a few games in the afternoon.

2. Trivial Pursuit

Everybody has a version of this in their house somewhere don’t they? Whether it’s the classic one from the 90’s or one of the more recent editions, it takes ages to set up and then ages to complete but who cares?

3. Charades

A family favourite in lots of households I’m sure, this one you don’t even need to buy, you just have to think of a good film or television programme that you can act out successfully but is too hard for your family to guess.

4. Poker

I know this is odd one but, my Dad bought a Poker set a few years ago and has since taught us all how to play it. It gets quite competitive on Christmas Day though and although we only play for chump change, you can end up losing quite a bit depending on how long you play for…

5. 5 Second Rule

This one’s definitely the best on this list. It’s a simple game but, with the timer you completely lose your mind. You get a question and have to give an answer in 5 seconds, the questions always ask you to name three things though and as soon as you get the question, any answer goes out of your head completely!


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