9 Things You Should Know About Tom Hanks

I’ll try not to make this a super gushing blog post about how amazing Tom Hanks is but, I’ll probably fail. Since I was a teenager I’ve been a huge fan of his films and other works, not only is a fantastic comedic actor, he’s also capable of portraying characters in more serious situations. What’s more is, he supports several political and sociological issues and has a deep commitment to space exploration – I mean seriously, what a guy. Okay okay, I’ll get on with it.

12818 Tomhanks

Due to his amazing performance in Apollo 13, NASA named an asteroid after Hanks –  12818 Tomhanks. Hanks has had a long-standing interest in everything space related and has stated he originally wanted to be an astronaut. He is a member of the National Space Society and was awarded the Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award in 20006 for making a significant contribution to raising public awareness of space programs.

Typewriter Passion

Hanks has a passion for old-fashioned typewriters. He reportedly has a collection of more than 80 of them, and in 2014 he released a very popular iOS app that emulated the sound and feel of using a typewriter. He’s even said he’s thought about writing a series of short stories, inspired by his passion for typewriters!

Fan Interactions

Whilst filming in Rome, Hanks escorted a Bridal party through the filming set so that they could make it to the church, a few years later Hanks come across a wedding whilst on a run in Central Park and hung around for a while! He also did a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ question and answer which saw fans sending him all sorts of ridiculous questions – which of course he answered. He’s clearly very appreciative of his fans and is happy to interact with people when he can.

Comedy Acting

Hanks has done some amazing performances in roles that are considered rather comical. Films such as Forest Gump, Toy Story and The Terminal has serious underlying messages but, Hanks never fails to bring some humour to his portrayal of the character.

Dramatic Acting

As well as humorous roles, Hanks has been in several movies with much darker themes. In films such as Philadelphia and the Green Mile, Hanks manages to convey the message of the film, stay true to related real-life events and blows us all away.

Tom Hanks on Sky Movies

There’s just too many amazing movies with Tom Hanks in to be able to mention them all, there’s a few mentioned above but, this actor is so multi-talented I really can’t list them all in different categories! I think Sky agrees that Hanks has done a great many notable works and they’ve created a specific category dedicated to Tom Hanks films on Sky Cinema!

Same-sex Marriage

Being the top human being that he is, Tom Hanks openly supports same-sex marriage. In 2008 Hanks supported and aided the fund that was created to prevent Proposition 8 from being passed by the Californian constitution that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The fund raised over $44 million and although the bill was initially passed, it was then retracted in 2013.

“I Really Like You”

In 2015, Hanks appeared in the music video for a new single by Carly Rae Jepsen titled “I Really Like You”. I recommend you go and check out the video on YouTube if you haven’t already cause it’s a classic. Most of the song’s lyrics are lip-synced by Hanks as he acts out a daily routine then performs a street style dance with Jepsen and several extras.

Medal of Freedom

In 2016, Hanks was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. The highest civilian honour is awarded due to contributions to their professions and for humanitarian efforts. Hanks was awarded the Medal due to his efforts with regards to raising awareness of space travel and supporting projects such as electrically powered cars.

Well, there’s my reasoning for believing Tom Hanks is a stand-up guy. If you can think of any, drop me a comment and I’m sure I’ll need to create a revised version of this article in a few years depending what he gets up to!


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