Media Technologies Module Summary!

Well that’s that! I’ve received my final grade for the Media Technologies module so, all the work is completed! On the whole I’ve really gotten a lot out of this module and I’m pleased with my results. It’s definitely opened my eyes to new possibilities, added some new skills to my repertoire and increased my awareness of what’s going on within the technologies industries.

I think the main thing I’ve taken from the classes, is one of the first things I was told, in the introductory lecture of the module. My lecturer described that in order to prevent ourselves and others from being ‘monkeys with weapons’, we need to fully understand the technology we use, not just the physical thing, but the whole infrastructure as well, the privacy and legal implications, the whole shebang!

Upon starting the module I decided to start blogging for it, I’ve completed one blog post for every class, that’s one blog per week for the lectures and seminars. This has definitely helped me take in everything I can from the classes and it helped tremendously for the assignments, as I could just scroll through my blog and see all the research and learning I’d done throughout the module. It increased the amount of time I spent doing extra research, the recommended readings for the week and meant I put a lot of thought into creating the blog posts each week using the readings, my own notes and further research.

I made sure to keep up with all news relating to technology and used that to add to my knowledge of the subjects we discussed in the classes. It helped massively to have a hashtag for Twitter and a group on Facebook specifically for the module as well, so that we could share anything and discuss things we thought were interesting/relevant. Although most students didn’t take advantage of this and didn’t really start any proper discussions using those pages, I found it useful to look at articles being shared on there by a small group of students, and share my own research as well. Social media has played a big part in this module, for me anyway – quite apt really!

I think I’ve waffled enough for now. I just wanted to create one more short blog post to round of this module – for myself and those who are reading it/will read it. As an exercise I’ve really enjoyed it and found it helped a great deal when completing my assignments. It’s definitely made me want to post more on my blog as well, I mean, if I can find the time to write a blog post for the two media technologies classes every week, surely I can find a couple of hours to write a bit more regularly!

It’s been a challenging module, and it’s been challenging blogging about it but, I like challenges and I’ve gotten more from this module, than I have for any other module whilst I’ve been at University. Creating the app with my friend was very difficult, time consuming and meant learning a lot in a short space of time but, I was very proud of what was achieved and that moment when everything is working and you get to share your ideas and products with others, is worse the creative angst! Writing the blog post for the second assignment made me think in my detail about a product that many own but few actually understand. The devices we surround ourselves with have consequences, and the governments and companies that maintain our privacy, security and personal information records, are constantly doing things we may not notice, if we do not pay attention.

There, all done! Many thanks if you’ve been reading my posts for this module series. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and gotten something from them. Onwards!


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