Yellow is an overlooked colour

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of yellow – although my bedroom was yellow when I was a child. When you think of your favourite colour, or ask another what colour they enjoy, they’ll rarely answer with yellow (so far as I have experienced anyway), it’s usually red, green, blue, pink, something like that. Hence the title of this blog post, I think yellow is often overlooked in terms of the colours on the spectrum and yet, there are lots of lovely things that are yellow. So, with this in mind here are some of the things I think about when thinking of yellow, and some of the reasons why I think we should appreciate this beautiful colour a little more. Many thanks to the WordPress Daily Prompt, which gave me the idea for this post!

1. Coldplay – Yellow

I won’t pretend to be a massive fan of Coldplay – to be honest I’m more of a Killers or Red Hot Chilli Peppers kinda girl. However, sometimes a bit of Coldplay is just what the doctor ordered, mellow yellow! I mean, who’s not partial to a bit of The Scientist right? The word yellow always brings this chilled song into my head, it’s just a classic.

2. Daffodils

Yellow will always make me think of daffodils. As a person I’ve always been fond of them but, really they were my Nans favourite. She passed away from cancer 4 years ago now and they’ll always remind me of her. As soon as they appeared in the shops they’d be all over her house, they’d sprout up all over the garden during Spring and she’d keep them until the winter would come. Nowadays my parents, auntie, grandpa etc. will keep them all over, just to remind us all of my Nan. When I buy daffodils now, I don’t buy them for me, I buy them for my Nan.

3. Sunsets

I think most people will tend to think of orange and red tones when they think of sunsets. However, when we were young and we drew the sun in a picture, we’d always use a yellow crayon to colour it in. I think there are lots of colours in sunsets, it does depend on the time and season of the sunset though, summer sunsets take longer and produce more colours. The beautiful tones that come together, work in glorious harmony to create the vivid sunsets we enjoy, with oranges, reds, pinks, yellows, all blazing across the sky. Even thinking about the sunset now, I can feel close my eyes and picture the waning sunlight coming through my eyelids, the stillness of a mild summer evening, the last warmth of the day on my skin.

4. Autumn Colours

From summer sunsets, to autumnal colours. I think this is another one that people overlook, again people will think primarily of red and orange when they think of the leaves turning to autumn colours before falling from the trees. However, depending on the type of tree, a lot of leaves will turn a wonderful golden, yellow colour, and that’s my personal favourite.



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