2017 Goals

Some of you may have seen that I have a Bucket List on this blog. It’s not very fancy but it’s just a little list of some of the things I’d like to do in my life. Every now and then I take a peek at it and cross some things off, add a few new hopes and dreams and so it goes on. However, since I have a few very specific things I’d like to achieve this year, I wanted to make a separate post that I can then check at the end of the year.

2017 is going to be quite a big year for me, with lots of plans already being made, lots of things I want to do, I just wanted to get something on paper – or rather the internet I should say, so that I can remember at the end of year, what I wanted to achieve during the next 363 days.

  1. Trip to the USA

I’ve always loved travelling and adventure but, as with most things, there are two things that tend to stand in the way of that – time and money. Since I’ve been in a relationship with my other half, it’s been understood that one day we’ll travel together to visit members of his family who live in Michigan, USA. Although my other half has been over a couple of times since we’ve been together, I’ve not been able to go with him however, this Christmas just gone, his American family were able to come over to the UK to visit everybody and I finally got the chance to meet them! We’re now working on arranging a visit for us to go and see them sometime this year, hopefully towards the summer!

2. Graduate from University

I’ve been studying for my degree in Media at Sheffield Hallam University since September 2014 and this year I will graduate! Although my actual classes and assignments will all be done and dusted by around May/June, I won’t actually have my graduation ceremony until later in the year – October/November time. Although I’ve really enjoyed my journey through my undergraduate degree at University, I’m looking forward to graduating and the next step.

3. Move in with my other half

I’ve been living in student digs for a few years now whilst I’ve been studying at Sheffield Hallam and, it’s certainly had its ups and downs! As with University, it’s been a journey I’ve taken in my life and it’s helped me grow as a person but, I’m ready for the next step. It’s something me and my partner have been discussing for a good while and we mutually agreed some time ago that we would aim to move in together after I’ve finished my undergraduate degree. We’re now planning on moving in with each other in the Sheffield area, once my course is finished!

4. Be more active

I don’t want this one to be a total cliche but, at the end of the day, everybody has hangups about the way they look. For me, it’s not necessarily how I look at the minute, but rather, how I feel. Since university started I’ve gradually been feeling lazier and lazier. I could blame it on being busy, being a student, not having much money, living in a City but, the truth is, there is no excuse. So, it’s time to get more active. My diet is pretty good – okay I could cut down on the sugar a little but, I’m relatively happy with my eating habits. I’m just not as active as I used to be and, it makes me sad to be honest because I’m an active person who enjoys being outside, playing sports, swimming, walking etc. I’ve just let things get away from me over the last year or so and, although I take many opportunities to get out and about, I don’t takeΒ as many of these opportunities as I could – or should.

So that’s it! Obviously I have many more things I’d like to do and be part of in 2017 and no doubt there’ll be some surprises too but, these are just a few goals I have that I want to see reached this year. I hope you all enjoyed your New Year celebrations and are enjoying 2017 so far!


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