Seminar 12 – Hacking

During the seminar time this week we continued to work on ideas and research for our assignment 2 projects. I came up with a short list of different questions that I pose to answer in my assignment with regards to always on technology and the privacy and security complications that come with that.

In essence, I want my whole essay to answer whether the data implications of always on technology, constitute a significant threat to the privacy of individuals. But, first, I will need to discuss some definitions – what is always on technology and what constitutes as always on technology?

  • How does always on technology work?
  • What laws and regulations governs always on technology and the data these devices collect?
  • How do these devices collect big data?
  • What could this data be used for, why and who by?
  • What are the security and privacy implications of always on technology and the data they collected?
  • Do these security and privacy implications actually constitute a threat to our rights as individuals with regards to privacy?

These are my initials ideas and thoughts for this essay and will work as a sort of plan when it comes to getting started! For now though, I’ll leave you with these questions and I’ll be writing one last blog post to summarise the module once the last assignment has been completed. For now though, that’s all the lectures and seminars done!


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