Prototype Report

After researching and considering several ideas, I created an app aimed at helping users discover local music artists and venues, as well as giving local artists and venues a chance to promote themselves to a focused audience. Before creating a design specification for my app, I researched several existing applications based around music and gigs, I also conducted audience research in the form of a survey to understand what my target demographic requires from an app. Whilst finding a programmer to collaborate with, I also looked at several YouTube guides on app building software, coding languages and the process of creating apps.


The Activity Feed is the first screen users see when loading the app, tabs allow the user to filter the contents of their feed and view updates from all, artists, venues and friends. This feature allows users to keep up to date with their favourite venues and artists, as well as viewing what their friends have been up to – bringing in the social aspect of the app

A Google Maps service embedded into the app, users can view their current position using GPS, with flags on the map showing what events are nearby at any point, when they are, the name of the venue and the name of the artist.

Gigs (Concerts) is a list of the concerts from the Maps page – users could simply go straight to this page rather than the Maps section, if they know the area well. This list details the artists name, the venue, when the gig is and how far away it is from the users’ current position. The list is in a specific order based on the users’ location – with the closest gigs at the top of the list.

The profiles section of the app gives it a more social element, allowing users to create a profile, add friends, share media and personalise their profile. As well as individual users having a profile, venues and artists can also create one and connect with their fan base, share media and promote events.


McLuhan states that all media has four specific effects on society and technology. Venues and artists can promote themselves and each other using a purpose-built app that focuses specifically on local music. This extends the abilities of venues and artists. In the event of the app becoming extremely popular, the effect would reverse, with local venues and artists becoming more mainstream and overrun. The long lists of users and updates on the activity feed and gigs pages will also mean that talent is lost in the crowds.

Gig Local makes posters and other forms of artist/venue promotion obsolete – including events on social media. It also brings more focus to live music in the local area, make bars and pubs more popular again, instead of people holding their own social gatherings at home

Funding and Expansion

As the app, will be free, it will rely on advertising to generate revenue, once it has a certain number of users. As it has currently been designed, it also relies on user generated content to give people the most information, however, it would also be possible to implement a system where the app gathers the information from the internet or another source to populate itself, however, this would require access and further coding. With a few further tweaks and improvements, the app will be available on the Android store, with further development in the future focused on integrating a messaging option, as well as a website to compliment the app. It would also be beneficial to include integration with other medias such as Facebook, Spotify, Instagram etc. to send and receive information.


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