Seminar 7 – Prototype Presentation

It seems to have come and gone very quickly but, on Monday (7th) I presented my prototype to my seminar group! Although it was slightly nerve wracking – especially since I was the only one doing the module who’d chosen to work on their own and not in a team with fellow students and also because I ended up being the last one doing their presentation, I think it went really well and I feel like I’ve given the project 110% of my time and effort which, was all I could do at the end of the day!

On the whole I actually enjoyed working on the presentation and indeed, presenting my prototype to the group. I felt much more relaxed, presenting on my own, than I have done in the past. I felt much more confident and less rushed, so I managed to breath properly and keep my voice steady. I was also really excited to share my ideas and creations with the group and since I was really knowledgeable about what information I was sharing, I didn’t get my words in a jumble, result!

It’s now time to finish off my blog posts about how well the projects gone over all, how my research went etc and get those in ready for the deadline. We’ll be looking at blog post drafts in the seminar next week so, if I find some time, I’ll be getting stuck into producing a couple more posts about how the presentation went, what improvements I could make to it and the project as a whole, my audience research and what comes next. I’d better get cracking!


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