Seminar 6 – Prototype Update

Once again, I wasn’t able to make the Media Technologies class for this week due to being under the weather however, as with the the lecture, I’ve taken a look at the presentation slides and done the reading in order to get a sense of what was discussed in the class.

Although the topic for the week was mobile phone technology, the majority of the time in the seminar was dedicated to discussing presentation and prototype progress ready for the upcoming assignment deadline. There were some group tasks within the seminar group based around considering how often we use our mobile phones and what we use them for during that time, although I wasn’t able to take part in this task at the time, it’s interesting to think about how much I use my mobile phone and what I use it for.

I’d definitely have to say that I use my mobile phone for multimedia reasons rather than calls and texts, I listen to music and use the camera a lot and use the rest of the time on social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. However, I think it’s important to also appreciate the ease with which I can contact people, check my emails, see my university timetable etc. on the go.

As I said, the rest of the seminar was actually focused on discussing the progress we’ve made on our presentations and prototype development. So as I mentioned in my Market Research post, I recently had a meeting with the Course Leader for BSc Computer Science. Unfortunately it turned out from that meeting there wouldn’t be anybody on the course available to work with me for the Prototype creation as their deadlines were different to ours! So, after the meeting I was very concerned about what to do (as you can imagine, with only a couple of weeks left before the deadline!) and spoke to my friend Joe.

I’d already spoken to him about the design of the app, what I should create etc. and when I mentioned that I was struggling to find somebody to collaborate with for the programming side of things, he volunteered to help. He actually created an Android app for his University dissertation a few years ago and was curious to see how the technology has evolved since then and whether it would be harder or easier to create my app. So, I’ve found somebody to collaborate with, created a specification for what my app will do, look like etc. and done my market research.

I also used the time this week from the seminar, to create a survey in order to conduct audience research into what the target demographic for my app requires. I based my questions around music, hobbies and social media usage in order to hone and improve the features of my app and to justify why I’m including specific features in my app in the first place. Onwards and upwards!


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