Lecture 6 – Mobile Phone Technology

Unfortunately due to being ill I missed the lecture this week. However, the reading and lecture slides have been made available to me online so I managed to look through those and get a basic sense of what I missed, although it is tricky to understand some of the lecture slides, having missed the actual class.

So the lecture this week focused on mobile phone technology – how we use it, how it has evolved over recent years and decades and what effect it has on us as individuals and our society as a whole. It’s amazing to see how much technology as moved on over the last 20 years in relation to mobile phone technology, especially when we look at what the technology is focused on.

For example, in the early 21st century mobiles were focused on being small, efficient and allowing users to be in constant touch with each other – obviously when we think about mobile phones now and the constant connectivity they offer through various mediums this idea is laughable, however, back in the 2000’s, it was THE thing and everybody was excited about it. Whereas nowadays, the focus is on the camera technology, how big the screen is, the sound quality, storage capacity for downloading movies and music etc. Our ideas and needs evolve just as much as the technology itself.

The lecture also looked at how mobile phone technology effects the individual as well as society as a whole. Does it make us more connected and therefore more prone to communicate, network, stay in touch with friends/family etc. or rather does it distract us from real life and hone in on our need to be ‘doing’ something. This links to ideas around whether people use the mobile as a shield, to avoid talking to others and socialising – by presenting an image that they’re already communicating with somebody else.

This blog isn’t overly detailed but, I wanted to write a little about some of the things covered in the lecture – from the information I received online and the set reading for the class, just to discuss some of my ideas and thoughts on the topic!


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