Everything Happens for a Reason

So eerie means strange or frightening right? Right. But it has a butt load of synonyms that stray a fair bit from those terms. Words like ‘sinister’, ‘uncanny’, ‘strange’, ‘curious’ and ‘mysterious’ come to mind. And I don’t know whether it’s just me but, I don’t particularly find anything strange or frightening in those words.

When I first saw the theme for this week, I thought about walking home at night. All alone. It’s dark, it’s autumn so it’s pretty nippy, there’s a light breeze so all the leaves on the floor are blowing all over the place, the trees above rustle in that menacing way. To me it’s nice. It’s peaceful and tranquil. Other people might shit their pants. And to be fair it’s not particularly safe, in this day and age, so it’s not something I’m 100% comfortable with but, if the world was a safer place, I’d be in the great outdoors all night if I could. It might seem eerie to some but, to me it’s relaxed.

So that was my initial idea, to have a bit of a waffle along those lines. However, as I was looking up some of the definitions and synonyms for ‘eerie’ – the WordPress daily prompt for the day, I spotted a bit of a theme that I hadn’t noticed before. Which is that we don’t just describe a particular atmosphere or place as eerie. We also use it to describe things that happen, coincidences and goings-on in our lives. So this Halloween, I’m not going to think about things that go bump in the night, but rather, some of the random events and chance meetingsย that have lead me to where I am now. Obviously I won’t go through my whole life story, just a few of the bigger happenings!

So for starters, I guess I need to mention that, back in 2012 I joined a dating website, after my ex-boyfriend recommended a site to me that he had joined – it’s kind of a long story but, I ended up on Plenty of Fish. Not a bad site as it a goes – not that I have much to compare it to since it’s the only one I ever used but anyway, I created a profile blah-blah-blah and had a few messages. Granted, most of them were from weirdos but some were nice and I ended up talking to a few of them for quite a while. However, after about 6 months checking it quite a lot and chatting to a few people on there, I only had one date and although it wasn’t bad it wasn’t going to go anywhere so, my activity on there just kind of fizzled out.

I stayed on there for another 6 months or so, popping on every now and then just to see what messages etc. I’d had but, nothing ever came of it. Until one random day in September 2013, I can’t even remember the actual date, I got a friend requestย on Facebook from somebody I’d never heard of. I’d just given up my place at the University of Derby, it’s hard to explain why but, I just had a gut feeling it wasn’t right for me. It wasn’t necessarily the course or the University or the fact I was staying at home, I just knew that something wasn’t right. So you could say I was in a very weird place when I got the message, things in my life were all up in the air, I knew I would be okay staying at home for a while longer but, I didn’t have a clue what to do next.

So I message this guy trying to add me – after having a quick poke around his profile of course, and he replies that he’s adding me after seeing me on the dating site. He dropped me a message on there but since I hadn’t checked it in quite a while, I wasn’t replying so he decided to try and find me on Facebook instead. Since I was using the same profile picture I guess it wasn’t very hard! He notes that we have quite a bit in common and we start chatting, things take a little while to get going but, after a month or so we started dating.

At the time he’d just started his third year doing a photography degree at Sheffield Hallam University and, after a few dates closer to home I agreed to go and stay with him in Sheffield for a few days. I’d never been to Sheffield and was excited at the prospect of exploring somewhere new and spending some time together. As soon as I arrived, something clicked. I fell in love with the place, the views, the atmosphere, the thoroughly Yorkshire people and, as he showed me around the University, I fell in love with that too.

We carried on dating and exploring Sheffield, I went to a few open days at Sheffield Hallam and was somehow absolutely sure that it was the place for me. The Media course they offered suited me and my interests perfectly and I guess they liked my application because they accepted me onto the course!

I’m now in my final year studying Media at Sheffield Hallam University. I’m still with the weirdo who stalked me on Facebook, we’ve had our ups and downs but, as with coming to Sheffield, it feels absolutely right. Everything that’s happened in my life over the past few years can be traced all the way back to that first message he sent me, telling me that he’d seen my profile on the dating site, he thought I was cute and that we had lots in common.

Going back to the meaning behind this blog post and the link to the daily prompt on WordPress, I think this is a classic example of eerie. It’s not atmospheric and spooky. But, it’s strange and, it makes me believe in some sort of cosmic power that’s supernatural and mysterious and keeps everything happening. Everything fell into place at just the right time, things were all up in the air for me and then I found my way. I don’t believe in any kind of higher power or God or religion but, I think you have to believe that there’s something. Some kind of fate or universal order to things. And I think that’s kinda eerie.



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