Why being clumsy is a pain. Literally.

So the theme for the Daily Post today is Clumsy. And luckily, I have a lot of knowledge of this particular topic! Well, I say luckily..

First off, being clumsy hurts! If you got the gist of my the pun in the title of this blog post, and indeed if you’ve ever accidentally trod on a plug, hit your arm on a door handle, stubbed your toe, walked into something etc., you’ll know that the result of being clumsy means hurting yourself. A lot. And the pain from these accidents is never relative to what you’ve done. You stub your toe and it’s followed by 10 minutes of hopping around, clutching your toe, checking for blood, hitting the object your stubbed your toe on and profanities – such is the agony.

Secondly, it’s time consuming. Like I said above, you stub your toe and you’ve got to take 10 minutes out of your day to lose your shit as a result. Plus, if it’s something more serious than stubbing your toe and you end up going to A&E, you can basically write off most of the day due to the strains on the NHS. And what about when you’re in a rush, so you try to move quickly and efficiently and everything goes to shit? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Being clumsy is also pretty expensive. You might not have thought about this before but, how many times have you accidentally broken a plate or broken a mug? How many times have you made a cuppa, then spilt half of it on your way back to your desk or sofa? It might only be £2 for more coffee or £3 for a new plate but, a lifetime of breaking, smashing, dropping and spilling things certainly adds up!

Last of all, being clumsy is embarrassing. It’s un-wanted attention, being in the spot light is never good when you don’t ask for it, and when it’s because you’ve spilt half a bottle of water over yourself it’s even worse. You always manage to locate the secretly wet piece of floor and have to do a little sort of dance when you lose your balance to stop you going arse over tit. Or on a bad day you actually do go arse over tit. Even if your clumsiness isn’t in public there’s usually somebody within earshot to hear your shame. If I lose my footing on the way up the stairs there’s always somebody in the house to hear the resulting thud and curse words.

I will admit that sometimes it can be quite entertaining to be clumsy, especially if you find another human who shares this trait with you. If you’re heading somewhere with some friends and one of you stumbles up the curb, you’re going to get the piss taken out of you but, at least you can laugh about it as a group. But to be honest, I find that clumsiness is basically just a pain.

So there you have it, that’s why I think being clumsy is a pain and yes, all of the clumsy, accident related adventures in this post are things I’ve actually done.Take care guys!


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