Seminar 2 – Technological Determinism

Unfortunately this week I wasn’t well for the seminar class for this module! But rather than being disappointed at not being able to attend, I decided to get stuck into the preparation for next weeks seminar, which involved having a go at creating an animation using Scratch.

Scratch was created by Mitch Resnik at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to give children and young people the chance to learn programming in a fun, interesting environment, to give them the opportunity to create and invent.

Having tried the website out for about 15 minutes I’m very impressed! It’s an easy to use website with fun sounds and sights. I used the very handy tooltips to create a simple animated version of my name, with each letter performing a different action and sound when clicked. This was easily achieved using the guide on the website, which instructs the user with handy hints and pictures if they should need them! I’ve linked my creation below if you wish to take a look!

Overall I found the software very easy to use, quick and interesting. I found the guide on the right hand side particularly useful and thought the ‘Lego’ style of clicking the various instructions into place very user friendly – for those of all ages! However, I did think that the site could have done better in terms of remembering the sounds and effects I was using, in order to make it easier to apply the settings to more than one object, this might quicken the pace if I were creating a project on a larger scale. I also felt that there could have been more sounds available on the database however, this could have been down to the fact that I didn’t care for most of the sounds that were on there, thus limiting my choices. That being said I was recommend this nifty piece of software to most people and found it handy in improving my knowledge of programming.

If you’d like to have a go at Scratch. Head over to!



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