10 Jobs I’d Love To Do

I’ve always considered myself to be quite open when it comes to my working life. I can’t say for sure what I’ll end up doing during my career – to be fair most people are in the same position, even though I’m nearly through with my degree. I don’t think I’ll be somebody who goes into a specific industry or area of business and stays there, I’m more indecisive than that I’m afraid to say! And I think I’ll have a tendency to go from one job to the next, following different paths and opportunities as they present themselves. As much as I search for things to enrich my life for various reasons, it’s usually the case that things come along just at the right time, for the right reasons!

So I’ve decided to write a quick blog post today about different jobs and roles that I think I would enjoy and would (hopefully!) be good at. Underneath each one I’ve tried to explain a little about why I’ve chosen that particular job just to try and explain my thought process!

1. Full-Time blogger

I’ve enjoyed running this blog for a long time. It’s been changed around and altered a lot over the years but, it’s been going for about 5 years now. It’s not something I always have time for, I’m sad to say, and I wish I could post more but, for now, I enjoy updating it as and when I can. Hopefully in the future I can use it more and more and perhaps one day, at least for a time, have it as a full-time occupation!

2. Property developer

I know this one may seem a little random, even to those who know me quite well but, I’ve always loved property. I’d enjoy the process from start to finish, getting stuck into the refurbishments and re-design of a run-down property would be a dream come true for me. If I had a certain amount of money to get started with the first property I’d be away so, I suppose I ought to start saving!

3. freelancer

Oh to be your own boss! I understand that many have this dream and many never accomplish it. I think it’s something that depends on the effort you put in as well as other factors such as connections, luck, a head for business and more, it’s not all black and white but I think it’s possible to make it work.

4. Science/technology correspondent

I’ve always had such a passion for science, technology and engineering. I watch every documentary going – paying particularly close attention to anything based on engineering or space. To have a career writing about the latest advances, mishaps and successes in the realms of technology and science would certainly be a very interesting position for me.

5. social media

Having recently gained more experience working with social media in a professional sense – through my summer internship and my role at Sheffield Hallam as a #hallaminsider, I’ve become more and more interested in how it can be utilised for business. I think to work as part of a social media marketing team for a large organization would be very interesting – planning posts and campaigns engaging with the public and viewing the statistics.

6. charity founder

If I ever get the chance in the future – if I have a stable or substantial income, I’d love to start some sort of charity. Probably something based around children and education, in order to ensure young people, have every opportunity to reach their potential or desired position in life.

7. Property company owner/manager

A few years ago I worked as a project coordinator for a student property company. I enjoyed the logistics of the position in terms of managing the turn-around, contracts etc. as well as being involved in the properties and maintenance. I would enjoy some sort of high up role or managerial position within a similar company in the future, or even starting a company like it myself from scratch – renovating old warehouses into high-end student accommodation at a reasonable price!

8. media tutor

This is the role that I’m actually aiming for. I’m looking to do a Master’s Degree next year once I’ve completed my undergraduate qualification. After that and, after gaining significant experience within the media industry, my aim is to teach at college or university level and eventually earn a PHD in a relevant area of study alongside a teaching position. No doubt this plan will change somewhat along the journey but, that’s the basic idea!

9. English Teacher – ESOL

I’ve always quite enjoyed languages. I began learning French when I started secondary school and since I progressed well with it, I was invited to learn Spanish after a few years. Since school I’ve never done much with either language but, some of it has stayed with me! I also took a week-long course in British Sign Language a few years ago that I really enjoyed. I’ve had a passion for France and the French way of life for a long time – I suspect it’s because of all those holidays I spent there when I was younger, so to spend a few years teaching English as a second language to French students would be very interesting I think.

10. Author

As an avid reader I’ve always envied how authors can create such stunning stories, however, I’ve never particularly felt that I have the kind of skills in that area that my favourite authors have. That being said, I’d love to write some sort of story, academic book or even a children’s book and have it published, even if it’s not something I can make a career out of.


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