A-Z Favourite Things

So, I’ve seen a blog post trend that’s been going around these past few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed reading other peoples’ so, it’s inspired me to create a similar post. The idea is to write a list of your favourite things but in alphabetical order so, starting with A and finishing with Z.

Some have been posting only one choice, some have been choosing 5 for each letter and some have been putting as many as they want – I’m gonna go with the latter!

A – Accents, ASMR (Autonomous Sensual Meridian Response), Autumn, abandoned places, aeroplane, astronomy

B – Barbecues, blue, brushing my hair, blue skies, being really meticulous and organised, blankets, blogging, balcony, books

C – Clean sheets, clicky pens, cooking, cars, Christmas (especially Christmas music), cheese, car journeys

D – Doing things for other people, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, documentaries, daffodils

E – Engineering, eating, educating

F – Flowers, friends, forehead kisses, family, fruit, freckles, fluffy clouds, fountains, ferries

G – Grass, galleries, geeks, growing food, gaming, getting a haircut

H – Hoodies, heights, home, holidays, holding hands, hugs

I – Ice cream, ice cubes, islands, interesting people (with something to say)

J – Jokes,  jeans, junk drawers, jigsaws

K – Kittens, keys, Kodaline

L – Learning, lingerie, live music, lanyards, lunch box food, libraries,

M – Music, men in suits, marshmallows, movies, Mumford and Sons, mountains, museums, Mediterranean food

N – Naps, national parks, notebooks

O – October, oceans, open fires, orchestras

P – Packing, photography, puzzles, pictures,

Q – Quilts, quirks, questions (asking and answering)

R – Road trips, rivers, reading

S – Socks, sliding in socks, stretching, splashing water on my face, stubble, smell after rain, swivel chairs, scrapbooking, science, Spring, seeing the good wherever possible, stationary

T – Tall buildings, tea, travelling, traditions

U – Un-packing, University

V – Vacuuming, video games

W – Wrapping up warm, walking, whispers, water, warm drinks, Whovians, wholesome home-cooked food

X – X-rays, x-men

Y – Yin and Yang, Yankee candles

Z – Zips, zoos


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