Kodaline Concert March 2015


A few weeks ago I went to see one of my favourite bands in concert. Since I’ve been to see them before around a year ago, if it’s possible I was even more excited this time around since I knew what to expect – I knew they’d be freakin’ awesome again!

They released their second album back in February and I’ve been growing steadily more crazy about for the month before I went to see them. It was the same place where I went to see them as last time and I went with

my Mum again since I introduced them to her last year and now she’s a big fan of them too! She keeps hearing their new single The One on the radio and texting me about it to tell me it’s on.

I’ll post below their single ‘The One’. Typically a band will release 2 or 3 singles off of an album. First they released ‘Honest’ then their album ‘Coming Up For Air’, then they released my favourite from the album – ‘The One’. If you take a listen a like it then great! I would definitely recommend giving their album a listen if you like the track.


I also did a quick few videos and I’ll post one of those below, along with some photos that I took during the night. The atmosphere was just electrifying. For me, the mobile phones being up all the time can get a bit annoying, for others the crowd singing along to the band can be annoying too but personally I love it. When it’s just the lead singer and the crowd singing a particular part of the song it really gets to me.

I’ve chosen the video below simply because it’s of a specific song of theirs that you may have heard if you watch a certain popular television show. Kodaline have 2 songs from their previous album that are used as part of Googglebox on Channel 4. ‘In A Perfect World’ is used as the shows theme tune for the start of the show and the credits. And then ‘Brand New Day’ which is what they’re singing in my video clip is used throughout the show as backing music etc.

Hopefully you’ll give the videos a watch/listen and maybe enjoy the band. I certainly enjoyed the show and I’m on eggshells waiting for them to announce another UK tour for next year since I’m so desperate to see this fantastic band again!



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