25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 25

So here we are!

I’ll admit straight off that this blogging challenge has not been easy. If you seen some of the posts you’ll notice that I’ve had to cheat every now and then in order to get all of the posts done but, I’m really glad I’ve done it. It’s been interesting to see what songs I’ve chosen.

We’ve had my favourite song, a song that’s made me cry, a song that makes me want to dance and 22 more but now it’s time for Day 25!

So my final post of the challenge is: A song you could listen to all day.

I’ve featured a couple of Ed Sheeran songs in this challenge. I really shouldn’t do another one but, I’ve had this one down since I first started making notes on these posts and what songs and reasons to use etc.

As I said, I know I’ve already featured Ed Sheeran during this challenge and I’ve tried not to use the same artist/s more than once but, this song is really special to me. I think the rhythm and smoothness of it is just elegant and wonderful

Ed Sheerans voice is like melted chocolate, each word a caress, each note resonates with beauty.

There you have it then! I’m surprised and chuffed to be hones that I’ve managed to complete every post for this challenge so, I won’t lie, I’m giving myself a little pat on the back for that. It’s been fun though and now I’m looking forward to getting stuck into something new.

Thank you all for taking a look and I hope you’ve enjoyed all or part of this little blogging adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰


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