25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 16

Post 16 of my music challenge is a sad one I’m afraid. Apologies for the hiatus, at times other matters in life take precedence over maintaining this blog, however, I’m back in a blaze of glory and hope to get stuck into posts over the next couple of months. And for starters, I think I should battle on through and get this challenge completed!

Day 16 of my 25 songs, 25 days blogging challenge is: A song that has made you cry.

Since I’m a cry baby and find music something that speaks to be emotionally, this post is both easy and difficult. It is not a challenge to find a song that creates sad and upsetting feelings within me however, it is hard to choose which song to post for you. Each song that has this effect on me does so for various reasons.

I should say of course, that these feelings of sadness and upset, do not come from ill-feeling or being distraught, instead it’s more of a nostalgic and relatable melancholy. Most of the time, the lyrics of a particular song will effect me, then again, sometimes it is the melody which creates ripples in my emotions and tugs at my heartstrings. At times these ripples cause feelings of strength, joy, happiness and freedom, however, they can also cause a feeling of melancholy or quiet sadness.

I should get on with it and let you know what song I have chosen! This particular song is quite different from many others I might listen to, both the melody and the lyrics and how they are delivered effect my emotionally. I can say it has brought tears to my eyes a number of times but not everytime I hear it, thank goodness!

A song which starts off in a low key with quiet and deep notes and vocals, becomes enthralling with more powerful notes, motifs and riffs. In a word, I think it’s simply beautiful. The lyrics, melody and key all come together to make something truly unique. I’ve linked the song above from YouTube and as you can see, it’s not just the song that is emotional – the video that accompanies it is very emphatic also and must be profound for many who can relate to its content.

As always thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to writing again soon – with a less sombre post!


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