British Sign Language Classes

Hi folks! Welcome to another blog post – I’ve had a rather wonderful experience today and I wanted to share it with you.

A couple of weeks ago I booked to do a 2 day taster course for British Sign Language classes with my local councils Adult Education Centre. It was a free taster experience so, 2 hours today and 2 hours last week just to get to know the basics. Obviously there are longer courses available later on/afterwards but, since I’m moving away soon I wanted to just try the taste, see if I like it and then go from there – maybe see what’s on offer in Sheffield.

So this evening and last week, I went over to Swadlincote and spent 2 hours with a bunch of people I don’t know, being taught the basics of British Sign Language by a lovely man who was born without the ability to hear. Once everybody got started and realised what was going on, how the tutor does things etc it was really fun. Everybody was throwing themselves into it and really picking it up – laughing at each others’ mistakes and our own mistakes, getting to know each others’ names. We went through things like asking for names and who, what, when and where, the months, the alphabet – next week it’s families and numbers!

When I was in year 9 at school our French tutor was off for the week so, we had 3 hours of classes that had to be filled by a sub-teacher. We were excited because we thought we’d just get 3 hours of dicking around and trying to make the substitute cry but, instead we had a lady who taught sign language. At the time I remember really enjoying it but, I’ve never pursued it. Since I don’t know any people who are deaf or hard of hearing I guess I don’t use Sign Language in my daily life but, it’s interesting and, something to add to what I do/enjoy so, when I saw the taster I thought ‘why not?’

Needless to say I’m really glad I gave it a go. I really hope I can try and pursue it further and I’ve started looking at other courses I can perhaps have a taster/go at – something for computers maybe? Maybe try and pick up French or Spanish again? I was always decent at languages at school but, with the other kids messing about or, the exams etc it was always too much pressure or listening and not enough actual practice.

Anyway, we’ll see! I just want to pass on the message that, if you want to do something or you’re interested in picking something up or learning something new – you might have dabbled before or just been interested in something just because but, I think more people should dive into things like that. I know I should more often. It’s important and enjoyable I think, to better oneself, have fun with it, be creative, get educated, learn something new or just improve upon your skills. It’s all good!

That’s all the waffle you’re getting from me for today – until next time folks 😉


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