Happy Father’s Day!

In many ways, I’m nothing like my father. I love reading – he hates it. I love writing – he can’t do it. I love Doctor Who and other sci-fi stuff like books and games etc and he hates fantasy/sci-fi/made-up stuff. I’m interested in computers and gaming – he can barely turn on a PC and I think the last game he played was either Solitaire for Windows or Toca 2 on a Playstation 1.

So, we’re quite different people in many respects. But then, in other ways we are very similar. I like to build and assemble and create. I’ll get stuck into DIY – putting up shelves, assembling plugs and all that jazz. I only know any of that stuff cause I’ve picked it up from my Dad. He can fix anything.

My Dad has really bad OCD. Everything has its place, in lines and in order, alphabetically, phonetically, by size, by date or whatever. However, this only applies with certain things. His things. I’m exactly the same. I can’t leave switches on with nothing plugged into them, labels should face the front of the cupboard and every different thing should have its separate place to go.

Like I said, my Dad isn’t a fan of reading.. or computers. So I doubt he’ll ever see this but, despite his OCD and his lack of interest in my favouritist TV show, the fact that if he is doing anything else then he isn’t listening and that he walks into a room and starts talking no matter who else is already talking, everything good that is in my heart, comes from him.

I know my Mum had a hand in this too but, everything good I have comes from both of them. They fell in love and created me because they saw those qualities in each other and passed them on to me. The fact that I care so much about my friends and family, my Dad isn’t good at talking about or showing his true emotions which I know I suck at unless it’s being happy or pissed off, same as my Dad.

I guess I’m trying to say that, despite our differences, anything good that is a part of me, I have to thank my parents for and I see a lot of myself in my Dad. Just something to think about on Fathers Day. If you’re reading this, think about the good things or the things you admire about your Dad/Dads/Parents/Mums etc and see that potential within yourself and just, give a little thank you to them, just in your head, to yourself.

Hope you enjoyed my soppy post today folks ๐Ÿ˜‰


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