Sheffield Hallam Photography Degree Exhibition 2014

After three years of his Photography Degree my man has finished his final project ’24’ which I’ve mentioned in previous posts, handed in his last essay and is stepping out into the world of freelancing and employment. So tonight was the Exhibition showing off the work and talent of the final year photography students of Sheffield Hallam University students. All of their hard work displayed in galleries and exhibits dotted around the Cantor building until 27th June, starting with the grand opening tonight!

So, I’ll give a quick recap of my Mans project! Basically the aim was to create a 24 minute timelapse video which shows a 24 hour period on earth – what average people do, where they go, what they do etc. For those who don’t know, a timelapse is basically where you set the camera up on the tripod, set up a timer so that ,for example, the camera takes an image and processes it every 2 seconds, leave that shooting for 10 minutes and you get around 300 images. Edit them out and string them together using After Effects and Premier Pro and you’ve got yourself a timelapse.

Obviously since the Man is Sheffield based, most of the timelapses are taken in and around Sheffield. However, there have been opportunities to capture some lapses in Scotland, Northumberland, Michigan and other places which really adds to the scenic element of the finished product. Obviously I’ve seen how the timelapse has progressed from start to finish but, I could honestly watch it over and over again regardless.

Obviously I didn’t only go to the exhibition to see the Mans work, the other students all had their displays up too and they were all fantastic. The variety of ideas and beautiful shots that they captured was amazing. I’ll give a few examples but, if I could I’d just go through each and every one. I want to quickly talk about the ones that really spoke to me though. One man did a series of 5 images which had been taken during twilight hours, in the Sheffield City centre and then he had edited them so that there were cracked pavements, burnt out cars and general devastation.

He called the piece Brink and says that his aim was to ‘explore the hypothetical aftermaths of potential cataclysmic events’, the images look like they could be straight from an advertisement for the latest and greatest video game. Another piece which seemed hugely popular and was based on a rather clever idea was a guy who set up and printer with a Mac and had a technically minded friend create a piece of computer code which processed and printed every ‘selfie’ style image it could find that was being live uploaded to Instagram. So people in Norway for example, could take a selfie, tag it as a selfie and have the image pop out of the printer at the exhibit.

It goes without saying though that for me the star of the show tonight was my wonderful boyfriend. His family came to see the opening of the exhibit and they were clearly all overwhelmed with pride and excitement for him. I know how hard he’s worked, how much the project meant to him, how close it is to his heart and there have been times when he thought a project on the scale of that would be impossible to complete but I always knew he would work his socks off and do it and he has done!

Seeing the fruits of all his efforts on the big screen has been so gratifying and overwhelming and, I too am completely taken over with the pride I feel for him. It’s been 145 individual timelapses. An estimated 45,000 photographs, some blood, sweat and tears and some very early mornings and late nights but, the result is absolutely astounding. And I won’t let it go unsaid that everybody displaying their work there tonight and for the next few weeks has obviously worked very hard on their projects also and deserves every amount of success they get in their chosen fields in the future.

That’s all from me for now folks, thanks for reading and I’ll be back again soon πŸ˜‰


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