25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 13

Today was a toss up between a few different songs, either some Take That or maybe Evanescence or the song I’ve chosen. I knew it would be one of them, it was just deciding which. Check out below the song I’ve chosen and why I chose it.

Day 13 then is: A song that reminds you of a former friend.

In the end I chose a song by Remy Zero called Save me. I won’t name names here but, this song reminds me of a guy I knew a few years ago. I play games online and one game I played for quite a few years was World of Warcraft. While playing the game I made friends in my guild, out in the world, friends in common etc and we would chat on Skype and things as we did whatever we were doing in game. Some people I got to know better than others and I know I met a few people while playing the game that I’ll never forget.

I like the think I’m the type of friend who takes good care of my friends. I do whatever is within my power to give them advice when they want it (or sometimes when they don’t), I try and help them if they need it and share the important parts of my life with them. Obviously this varies from friend to friend, how long I’ve known people etc.but, what I’m trying to say is that I think I’m a good friend. And if any of you guys are reading then don’t you dare comment on say otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰

So anyway, the friend who I am reminded of by this Remy Zero song – which by the way is the opening titles music for Smallville if you didn’t notice, I met in World of Warcraft a few years back and become fast friends with. At the time he was going through a lot of shit with family, friends, looking for work etc and, we’d have long chats and play games together and just, help him vent/get things off his chest for a bit. As you can see this song is one that reminds me of a former friend so, I don’t really need to say that we don’t talk anymore. It wasn’t really my choice but, it was probably for the best, in the end we needed to go our separate ways, sometimes that’s just how things work out.

This song is about somebody asking for a helping hand, when things get on top of them and they feel like they need to scream out just to get those feelings of anger and hurt out of themselves. I knew this was how my friend felt and, he introduced me to the song. I like to think that, before we parted ways, I gave him a bit of a helping hand and that, after we went our separate ways, he didn’t want to hear this song anymore. I don’t suppose I’ll ever know but there you go.

It’s not a song that makes me feel sad or happy, it just makes me remember and think of the friends I have now and make me want to be a good friend for them so that they never want to relate themselves to this song.


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