25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 12

Today is another easy one for me to be honest. It’s Day 12 of my blogging/music/challenge.

Day 12 is: The last song you heard.

I have to think back to this one since, over the past few hours watching the E3 Convention I’ve been hearing snippets of all sorts of tunes and I have to try and remember the last FULL song I listened to. To do that I have to think back to much earlier on today when I got the train to Sheffield this afternoon. My iPod is firmly attached to my hand or in my pocket pretty much constantly so, I board the train, stick it on shuffle and let the iPod do the work.

I hate to listen to part or just the start of a song so, I always make sure I have enough time to finish a song before I need to get off the train at my station. Obviously the more times I travel to a certain place the easier it gets to judge how far away I am and how much time I have. The last song I listened to before I arrived in Sheffield today was a popular Keane song which was covered earlier this year/late last year by Lily Allen for a John Lewis advert. I’ve downloaded the John Lewis advert songs for ages now because they all seem to be really crackin’ covers of really crackin’ songs – Gaz Coombes singing This Time Tomorrow, Fyfe Dangerfield covering She’s Always a Woman – classics.

I’m not usually a big fan of Lily Allen but for this song, she’s just singing. There’s no frills or messing about, the lyrics have always been beautiful but with just the piano and taking the melody an octave higher make this tune a lot sweeter and gentler than the Keane version. Beautiful.

Ta-ra for today folks and thanks for reading once again ๐Ÿ˜‰


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