25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 9

Well then folks, let’s get straight back to it! I’m up to Day 9 now – seems to have arrived quite quickly.Today is another belter. I honestly don’t know why it took me ages to think of this. I’m such a dickhead sometimes. It’s right there in the title. Anyway, I’ll get on with it.

Day 9 then issssssss: A song that makes you hopeful.

I discovered Kodaline on Youtube a few years ago now. I was running out of music to listen to and, every now and then I like to discover something new so, I have a good old rummage through the suggestions lists on the side panel for each video. I found ‘All I Want’, another tune by Kodaline and then this one shortly after. Both of these songs make me hopeful – hopeful that the world can be a kind and friendly place even when things seem dark, that when you might feel different and alone, there’s always somebody there for you. If you haven’t seen or heard ‘All I Want’ then you should definitely go and check out that song and video because they are beautiful.

High Hopes had to be my choice for this one though since even the title is hopeful! I’ve only ever seen one band live and that was Kodaline. The song I was most excited about after buying their album was without doubt High Hopes and, hearing it live with the acoustics, tambourines, the audience singing along etc. is one of the best experiences of music I’ve ever had.

Obviously I appreciate that the video for High Hopes can be a highly sensitive issue for some but, there’s hope there in the fact that the two lovers find each other and even though the world tries to tear them apart, they hold onto what they have. Even though the woman has been beaten and abused and downtrodden by the man who was supposed to love her, she finds somebody to trust, somebody who really does love her and makes her happy.The lyrics and melodic rhythm of the song are beautiful and uplifting and I have a happy, contended smile on my face every time I hear this beautiful song.

I’ll leave it with you then for today and I hope you’re all well! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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