Bonny Wee Scotland

Whelp, I’m back from my holidays. Actually I got back on Friday night and have been very naughty and not blogged until now but, work, washing, cleaning, shopping etc had to come first – oh the joys. But now all that’s done, I wanted to write a quick Scotland focused feature!

So, here’s a snap I got whilst we were in Scotland. You can see in the photo the house where we stayed, it was pretty freakin’ epic to  be honest. Since I’ve not been to Scotland before and I love the great outdoors it was great to experience and explore new places, lounge about in a big manor house and visit cities and towns I’ve always wanted to see. We took a day trip to Berwick early in the week which was really nice, obviously a lot of English and Scottish heritage in that area with castles, forts etc so it was interesting to have a look around.


The highlight of the trip for me though was visiting Edinburgh which I would love to go back to in the near future. We explored the Carlton Hill with the fabulous views, the National Museum, the Botanical Gardens and had a lovely lunch out in the sunshine. It’s definitely a city I would recommend visiting.

I’m certainly hoping to return to Scotland in the future, there are a number of places up there that I would still love to visit – Glasgow, Aberdeen, Fort William. I’ve also harbored a secret ambition for many years and that’s to spend a month or so, cycling the length of the Caladonian Canal – the channel that goes from the East of Scotland to the West, allowing shipping to avoid going all the way around the Northern  most point of mainland UK.

Obviously with it being May, the weather was on our side – that’s not to say that it was hot and beautiful sunshine constantly, it’s still the North of the UK to be fair! However, the air was crisp and fresh, there was beautiful wildlife and nature all around us and trips to wonderful old towns and cities.

Aside from the fact that we were in beautiful Scotland, it was wonderful to be able to spend a week, holed up with family, enjoying each others’ company, playing games, having a laugh, cooking, eating, drinking, lounging in front of the roaring open fire and relaxing. I hope we get a chance to relive that soon enough.


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