25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 8

Evening folks and it’s that time again! I’m up to Day 8 of my challenge now and there’s some good news and some bad news to go with it but, onto that later, first I want to let you know what I’m chosen for today and what the criteria was.

Soooo Day 8 is: A song that reminds you of your ‘first love’.

Well this one is thankfully an easy one today to be honest. I remember my first ‘love’ like it was yesterday – in fact it’s been 9 years this year since I first met him and, he only stuck around for three so it’s been quite a while now! It’s strange the things you remember and the things you forget.

Cause I remember meeting him that first time, round here we get the bus home from school, since the school is quite big they hire about 30 buses everyday to go round the area and pick everybody up and then drop them off again after school. On his first day he got the 225 and, my bus at the time was the 229 so, I didn’t seem him on the bus until the next day when he got mine but, we both got off in the same village, at the same stop. We didn’t go straight home and we bumped into one of my friends so, I think we stayed outside the shop at the bus stop for about 2 hours just chatting and messing about.

The next day he came on my bus since he saw which one I was on and that was that, we were inseparable after school, before school, during school for those 3 years. Obviously we had other friends but, they were never quite the same. And obviously, I always wanted more than to be friends but, I was 15 and, he was the first guy who’d ever really paid any attention to me. He tried going out with me but, he couldn’t handle it. When we moved into our final year he moved away and I’ve not spoken to him since, funny how it’s still on my Facebook though.

I spent those three years calling him Romeo to my friends so they wouldn’t know who he was. Which is hilarious now I look back and think about it. Anyway, the song I’ve chosen today reminds me of him and I’ve put all that crap above about the bus stop etc because, on that afternoon, he kept saying he had this song stuck in his head – it was in the charts at the time. It stayed in his head for absolutely ages and since we saw each other so much, it ended up in mine too. Now I listen to it again, it’s really irritating but, I can’t help but have a little smile to myself.

So there you go. I guess the fact I’ve blogged today and it was easy was the good news so, I should tell you the bad news now. It’s great news for me because I’m excited but, I won’t be able to blog!. I’m going to Scotland for a week in a cottage – been looking forward to it for ages but it looks like we won’t be having any type of signal while I’m there so, no blogs from me I think!


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