25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 6

So I’m onto Day 6 of my 25 day challenge and isn’t it going quickly so far? Feels quick anyway…

So, Day 6 is upon us and it’s time to bring a fish friend: A song that reminds you of a best friend. (Enjoy the Finding Nemo reference).

I feel quite bad about this one because I knew I wanted to write about one of my closest friends but, I wasn’t sure what song to put so, I had to ask him about it. Since I know he reads my blog I didn’t need to explain the whole thing and he quickly gave me an answer, when he did I realised it could never have been anything else! And then I felt pretty daft but, hey ho, I got my answer and he got his few minutes of fame in my blog.

This isn’t a song I’ve ever heard him listening to and I’m pretty sure he hates it but, the lyrics go with him so well it makes me smile! Let’s just say he likes girls with a bit of meat on their bones and we’ve always ribbed each other a bit about it – he thinks I’m skinny even though I’m not and I think he likes women who look like Jabba the Hutt. Joking!

Anyway, that’s my entry done today and I have to say I think Mika and my friend are right – big girls you ARE beautiful! Just to add because I think it’s funny, when he told me that this would be the song I should do he reasoned that, and I quote – “you totally used to bum off Mika at one point, I remember”. I don’t remember that but, I did used to like his album so, whatever!



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