25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of my all singing, all dancing blogging challenge! Today is another belter and for somebody who loves music as much as I do it’s another hard choice since there are so many catchy tunes to choose from.

It’s time for Day 5 of my challenge: A song that is often stuck in your head.

It’s a great little tune from a great little movie – I remember I mentioned the movie not long ago on my blog. This song is covered at the end of the movie by the two main characters in the movie played by Michael Cera and Ellen Page.

The original version is of course a classic by the Moldy Peaches but this version is raw and natural. The riffs and motifs within the song and those little do’s make it a catchy and tuneful song that sticks around in my head for oh so long after I’ve heard it. I’ve always been ridiculously good at absorbing lyrics from songs – even ones I can’t stand. However, I find I can’t retain them unless I’m singing along with the song whereas the tune/rhythm of the song I can keep in my head a lot longer.


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