25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 4

I have to say I’ve really been enjoying this musical themed blogging challenge – I know it’s a challenge within a challenge but, it’s been really difficult and really fun both at the same time so, I’m really glad I did it and I’m hoping you’re enjoying the ride so far!

Today it’s blog number 4 of the challenge: A song that calms you down.

Once again I don’t want to cheat or cop out or anything but, in all honesty I have to say that music itself calms me down. I have a very mixed taste when it comes to music, I’ll listen to such a huge range of artists and bands and genres. From Frank Sinatra to Pink Floyd, Debussy to Mumford and Sons, electronic music to pop and mo-town to epic. No matter what the style whether it’s slow and steady with violins and harps or a lone piano, all the way up to a thumping bass and banging drums. It’s a distraction, it takes over your thoughts and I am overwhelmed and taken over by it, it’s definitely a blessing (most of the time).

Anyway, I’m not going to just say that all music relaxes me because to be fair there is one song in particular which does the job perfectly but, I just wanted to get across my point that music itself is something that calms me greatly and, I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Those who know me or know my blog will know that Mumford and Sons have created some of my favourite and most loved music of all time. Before these guys I didn’t have a favourite band or a favourite group, I didn’t really follow the work of anybody I just listened to whatever I liked basically. Anyway, I’ve fallen in love with Mumford and Sons now and, even after a couple of years I’ve still be listening to their music more than anybody else’s – especially during times when I want/need to unwind, relax and be calm.

The song I’ve linked above is my special favourite for just such a time when I feel I just need to chill. Mumford are great for a good old party or a hoe down with some of their more upbeat songs but, they’re also the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine, a quiet evening, a countryside stroll and so much more. The Ghosts That We Knew shows how perfectly Mumford can blend their voices together, how well they harmonise, their talent as musician and songwriters and their captivating delivery.

“So give me hope in the darkness, that I will see the light.” What more could you need when it feels like things are there just to piss you off? The light at the end of the tunnel, I give you, Mumford and Sons. And I’ve had this song on repeat whilst writing this blog so I’m uber relaxed now and smiling like a pillock!


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