25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 3

It’s Day 3 of my music challenge and this one is a toughie: A song that reminds you of one/both of your parents.

I’ve lived with both my parents for 21 years and trying to do this blog makes me think I know nothing about them but actually, it’s just hard because they love so many different styles and genres of music that, it’s too hard to choose one song that reminds me of them. I wanted to include both of them to be fair – even though Mum sometimes reads my blog and Dad doesn’t even know what a blog is…

So I’ve gone for a bit of a cop out option – I’ve chosen one specific song for my Mum and one artist for my Dad.

For Mum, I asked her what her favourite song/songs are to try and narrow it down a bit and she basically said anything from a musical. Well actually, she said anything that’s not sung by the lead/s in a musical. First thing I thought of was Grease because for the pair of us, it’s our favourite musical. I think for both of us, this song is also our favourite from the musical!

This low key and lovely ballad style tune from the musical is sultry, sad but sweet and tries to get some empathy from the audience on behalf of the character Rizzo. This might be hard for some people since she’s basically a bitch for most of the movie, especially to the lead Sandy. However, through this song you can see that’s actually just a front and that actually she’s quite sensitive underneath all that bravado. Anyway, definitely a big ups from me and Mum for this song so that’s one parent sorted!

For my Dad it’s a bit harder because he likes music like the Bee Gees, E.L.O, Genesis, Simply Red, Lionel Richie etc which is all fab music but, it makes it difficult to choose a favourite since all that music reminds me of him and I really enjoy it all. However, it has to be said that Phil Collins is his most favouritist and really it reminds me of my parents – how they are together, what they have in common etc. I won’t pick one song because it’s anything from Phil Collins so yeah, sorry if that’s a bit of a cop out but it’s the closest I could get to a proper answer!


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