Posing Naked

A friend of mine from University  was struggling to find female models who could do a studio shoot with her so, I volunteered. Before I went she told me that I would need to be naked from the waist up and have a silk, shawl/scarf type thing wrapped around my head – in essence making me unidentifiable!

Her idea was to show the naked female form, but cover her identity in order to replicate the objectification of women’s bodies in the current times – specifically within the media. Since this is an idea I greatly support, and a cause I am passionate about, I was even more keen to give it a go and help if I could.

It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like that and to be honest it was really great fun. Standing there with the camera clicking, just you and the photographer, the studio lights illuminating your body, listening to your gentle breathing and trying to keep still – no posing or smiling just relaxed. You can feel your heart thumping cause it’s such a new thing to do – for me anyway, I thought I would have the urge to cover up and hide myself but, I found it liberating and kind of an adrenaline rush to be honest. If somebody asked me to do it again I totally would, it’s hard to describe any better that I have done to be honest, but if you get chance you should give it a try – even if you arrange it with a studio to do some sort of boudoir shoot – something else I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a great feeling.

Since then I’ve been looking into life modelling – posing for an art class of some kind. Here you can usually choose how naked/exposed to you are to the artists, you adopt a pose and sit there for a couple of hours while people use you for their art, whether it be painting, drawing, sculpting or something different. I’ve thought about the idea before but, never quite been up to doing it – however, now I’ve had a little taster of what it would be like it sounds positively thrilling!

So, another exhilarating experience crossed off my bucket list – here’s looking to the next one!


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