So todays date is the 23rd April. On this date 3 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long already!) an episode of Doctor Who aired called The Impossible Astronaut. It was the first episode of a two-part story which is quite common in the world of Who and it was also the first episode of the new series (series 6). After waiting four months since Christmas and knowing that the episode would feature a brand new and truly fascinating and freaky looking enemy for the Doctor, I was on the edge of my seat – I am with every new episode of Doctor Who but, even more so than usual!

The new creatures didn’t disappoint! From that episode we knew that the creatures known as The Silence (even now we still don’t know their real names, just who they work for) had a nifty little biological trick. You can be looking at the creature, be properly pooping your pants terrified but, if you look away for a split second, you completely forget you ever saw it. By utilizing this skill, The Silence had infiltrated all of humanity, saying -“We have ruled your lives since your lives began”. The fact that as well as being ugly as sin, these creatures can manipulate and terrorize us without us even remembering definitely makes them one of the scariest enemies the Doctor has ever faced – for me anyway. So, how do we fight these dastardly foes?

Well, with permanent markers of course! The Doctors three companions for this two-part episode were Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song. In the second episode of series 6 – the conclusion of the two-part story, the episode opens with the 3 running around America in 1969 with tally marks all over their skin as the FBI hunted them down. We later find out that they were searching for The Silence – finding out how many there were, what they were there for, where they were etc. Every time they found one, they knew they wouldn’t remember it later so they marked a line on their skin – the more they saw, the more lines they would have and by the time we see them, they’re covered in them.

So anyway, the reason I’m telling you all that is because I’m part of a group on Facebook full of Doctor Who fans (Whovians) and today they wanted to remember the episode (or not..) and pay tribute to it in a fun and unique way. Everybody in the group took a photo of themselves, some did selfies, some did group photos, some just took a photo of a random body part but all of them decorated their skin with these tally marks like the companions did in the episode.

For those who don’t watch Doctor Who it would make no sense whatsoever but, you’d never catch a Whovian asking “What’s the point of that?” The whole point is, there doesn’t need to be a point. It’s for fun and a laugh and it’s what being a Whovian is all about! Remembering your favourite Who moments and discussing them with other people, it’s something millions of people around the world can enjoy and have in common. It’s a wonderful world to be a part of and I don’t think their’s a ‘fan group’ better than the Whovians.

Here you go then folks – here’s my snap of my tally mark covered arms. The Silence have invaded the Midlands everybody!



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