The Perfect Sunday

Sunday is the perfect day. However, there’s also such a thing as a perfect Sunday.

I work at the weekends. I usually work Sunday mornings which means an 8am start. I don’t resent the fact that everybody else gets to have a nice lie in on a Sunday, enjoy a cup of tea or even breakfast whilst still in bed, throw on a dressing gown and watch some rubbish morning television for a while, no rush, no running around and no work. Well okay I SAY I don’t resent it.. but then again, during the week I rarely have to get up by any particular time so, I shouldn’t complain.

This morning though, I got to enjoy all of the perks that everybody else does on a Sunday because I had the day off! Since I got everything done at work that I needed to yesterday and the place where I work was shut today, I got up at 9am, made a cuppa and some breakfast and watched some television in my dressing gown. Later on I had a shower and some lunch, chatted a bit with family and helped make the Sunday dinner.

A Sunday doing something I enjoy means putting the Sunday roast in the oven and walking to the next village for a cheeky drink in the pub and then walking back home again for dinner. In the winter it can be difficult to do this everyday since it gets muddy, rainy, cold and miserable outside. However, April showers weren’t against us today and we headed off, wrapped up warm, for our customary Sunday afternoon drink in the pub.

After dinner it’s time to clear up the kitchen – a mammoth task since Mum seems to use every plate and saucepan on a Sunday, put the pudding in the oven (strudel of course for a Sunday) and settle into the living for some cracking Sunday night, easy going television. Sad to say that in April I don’t have the pleasure of Downton Abbey on a Sunday evening, however…

Catchphrase is a typical Sunday evening programme –  I remember it being on when I was young on a Sunday. Since they’ve refreshed with the fabulous Stephen Mulhern it’s coming roaring back into my Sunday routine and I love it once more, luckily the rest of my family do too and we have a blast, all of us trying to guess the answers and more often than not failing miserably.

So there you go, that’s an example of my current perfect Sunday – no doubt in the future my perfect Sunday will adapt and change but, for now I’m all set with a walk, a big Sunday roast dinner, a few sherry’s and Catchphrase – relaxing time with family.


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