Furry Faces

So today and yesterday, two friends have gotten me thinking about beards on guys. The first friend asked me what my views are when it comes to men having beards, stubble, mustaches etc. and the second posted a new photo online with his girlfriend where he had a couple of days of stubble around his chin and mouth. I’d never seen this on him and thought it really suited him so, we discussed it and he said that his girlfriend doesn’t mind if he leaves it to grow or keeps it bare.

Personally I do prefer it if a man has a little stubble, I don’t mean a Dumbledore beard and a handlebar mustache because let’s face it, very few people can actually get away with that and since we aren’t in the 80’s anymore, very few men opt for that look nowadays anyway. However, a few days of growth around the cheeks and over the mouth and down to the chin is so inordinately masculine that, I think it hits on our deepest desires and biological traits.

It bores down to basic animal and survival instincts – the desire to choose the strongest mate and pass on the genes etc. If a man has stubble and therefore shows his masculinity – however unintentionally, it’s like they are showing they are the manliest man and our instincts tell us that this is sexy. Obviously we don’t sit and think about this everytime we see an attractive man with stubble, it’s all buried deep down inside us but, it’s there.

Needless to say, I’m no expert on biology or science or anything but, these things interest me, and if something interests me I like to find out more about it. Obviously it’s open to interpretation and it’s obvious if you speak to people about face fur that not everybody shares this opinion. For example, after only a couple of days my Mum complains that Dad needs a shave cause she doesn’t like it.

Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want me to waffle on anymore about my attraction to men with stubble so I’ll leave it there, I don’t wanna get drool on my keyboard.. well, anymore drool…


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