Light Painting

_DSC7113So I’m sure I’ve mentioned before now that, my Man is a photographer, and as a photographer he has a particular fascination with light paintings. A light painting is where you use a tripod to stabilize your camera and then take a long exposure shot. If you do this with something lit up and moving in the shot, it will create trails and shapes with the light.

Since a long exposure shot means the lens is open for a longer amount of time than normal, the camera can capture the light as its in certain positions – meaning the movements will create complex patterns and movements, but all in one image.

My Man is a big fan of finding new toys and tools to create new images and new styles with when it comes to his photography. He discovered wire wool spinning some years ago now and uses them frequently within his work, before I knew him I’d never come across it before – it’s basically spinning around a piece of steel wool that’s been set on fire and I think a whisk is involved too somehow.. Anyway, it creates sparks and showers of light coming from the point where the spin is happening and lights up the whole area in the image which looks amazing. He’s also experimented with light sticks, torches, LED’s and light Poi but tonight he wanted to try something new!

After seeing a nifty bit of kit one of our friends wasย using in Northumberland lastย weekend, he decided to push the boat out and spend a fiver on some fairy lights _DSC7109and cellotape.

Fair enough it’s not the most extravagant or sophisticated instrument ever but it’s amazing how versatile it is when you start playing about with movements and twisting motions and exposure times.

Tonight we created his new little toy – two strings of fairy lights cellotaped together, with a small collection of the lights tied together at theย end of the rope.

We didn’t want to venture too far away from home without knowing what the results of this new gadget would be so we only went out into the garden but, we spent about an hour experimenting with the lights and delays etc to see what we could do.

I think we got some really interesting shots – two of which are posted below, and learnt a lot about what the lights can be used for etc. so hopefully we’ll be playing around with them a bit more next time when we venture out to areas with more space and darkness.

So that’s all from me for today folks, I’ll be back after my next photography adventure!


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