Dark Sky Park Trip

13758038165_1ffd4fa174_oEvery now and then, my Mans photography

(and sometimes mine), takes us somewhere a little different. Not all the time – it’s not as glamorous as that, but sometimes!

We started planning a trip a few weeks ago, and having found somewhere to stay, people to come with us, a designated driver and planned Β a route, we set off yesterday. Since I found an article online a couple of months ago, we’ve been wanting to head up to the Northumberland National Park, the main reason being that it’s winter and the Park is one of the worlds few official Dark Sky Park – making it one of the best places around to see the skies and delights within those skies during the night hours.

Over the next few days I’ll be developing and editing the shots and timelapses we did etc and posting them on myΒ Flickr page so, feel free to check that out. However, I’ll post a sneaky couple of images in this post for your opportune viewing pleasure. Above you can see one of the images I captured of the turbine farm we stopped at on the way home.


Although the low cloud and fog last night prevented us from getting any real timelapse footage we did get some beautiful images – my Man managed to capture Mars very vividly several times (as you can see to the right), had some fun with light paintings etc. On the way home this morning we also managed to capture some beautiful images on the dramatic landscape and weather – including some very fast moving clouds and a wind farm.

Anyway folks, as you can imagine after my chasing the dawn and flitting the night away in the middle of nowhere, I’m pretty pooped and my sofa is calling so, take care and I’ll see you next time I take a flight of fancy in the name of photography πŸ˜‰


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