Childhood Treats

So today, a friend and I were chatting and we got to talking about our favourite chocolate and sweet treats – especially ones from when we were younger. Those were the good old days in the 90’s when you could have a freddo, a chomp, a fudge, a caramel freddo (genius) and a curly whirly, all for about 50p.

Then of course there were penny sweets. At my local shop when I was younger you went in, picked up a plastic bowl and counted your sweets into it by raiding different boxes on the sweet shelf. I’d walk up there with 20p and feel like a millionaire. I’d have to choose wisely of course because there was so much choice – cola bottles, flying saucers, astro belts, white mice, chewy lips, milk bottles, fizzy crocodiles, love hearts and more!

It’s sad to think that nowadays you can’t find many places like this and if you want to buy a piece of chocolate or a little sweet treat you have to raid the piggy bank big time! I think Munchies are now my chocolate treat of choice if I’m just buying myself something, yet they’re usually in excess of 75p but there are two things about them. Firstly, why would you ever buy Rolos when Munchies are often on the same shelf and secondly, why would buy a Twix?

I can’t eat things like Twix’s without getting chocolate and caramel all over myself and also, if I have something like that, I have to eat the caramel off the biscuit and then the biscuit because… well because I’m not daft. There’s none of these shenanigans with Munchies – you pop one in your mouth and you can suck off the chocolate and caramel to leave the biscuit without getting yourself in a palaver. Easy peasy.

I hope you all said lemon squeezy in your heads – I know I did. In a while crocodile 😉


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