It’s Not All Doom and Gloom!

I wrote a post a while ago about things that annoy me. I wanted to re-introduce the calming balance of the universe. Yin and Yang. Can’t have bad without good etc. So here is a blog about things that I like. I like them either because they make me happy or because they make somebody else happy. I hope with this post, balance is restored and I can sleep easy at night again!

The noise that clicky pens make. I know it probably annoys some people but, if I have a pen with a clicky top then I have to sit and click. A clean sheet of paper and a pen at the ready. Even if I only doodle instead of writing and planning. Writing a to-do list and then ticking each thing off when I’ve done it. Getting a lot done in a short space of time. Stretching. Lengthening all of my limbs and tensing all of my muscles and then relaxing them again. Getting out into the countryside and enjoying a walk or stroll in the changing weather and seasons.

The ‘rush hour crush’ section in the Metro newspaper. It’s sweet, soppy and a little bit silly. Pancakes. Blowing bubbles and seeing them floating away. Candles. They don’t even have to be on a birthday cake (although they are the best kind). Penguins. I’d love to see them in the wild but failing that, I’ll stick to watching every documentary about them on TV instead. They mate for life and they go through so much from Spring to Winter to keep themselves warm and fed, meet up with their partners and raise their young.

The piano. The feel of it. The sound of it. I really admire people who can play. Reading. Music. Even if it’s sad music. Especially when I can sing-along.  BBQ’s. They’re quintessentially British. They smell good, taste good and they prepare food. I mean, what an invention! The smell of freshly cut grass. Fresh air. Sunshine – especially when it’s just before sunset, it’s starting to cool down and the sun is nearly gone for the day but it’s calm and quiet.

Gathering memories. Scrapbooking. Keeping random trinkets in order to remember certain events and moments. Random things on YouTube. No matter how daft it may seem. It’s people living their lives and doing something different. Super Mario Brothers – the coins, the catchy tunes, very cool. The beach. The coast. The ocean. The seaside. No matter the weather. The fact that we have seasons. I’ve never been able to choose my favourite one because they all have their pros and cons. Granted I prefer cooler weather but it can be cool in the Summer too!

The fact that I absorb lyrics like a sponge absorbs water. It’s like I can carry all music around with me all the time, in my head. Men that smell amazing – even if it’s just soap. Swimming. Quickly, slowly, just messing about in the water, I just like to feel the water all around me. The ferry from Dover to Calais. From an early age I’ve linked it with holidays so it’s natural I like them but, I also like being on the water. Up on deck with the wind and the spray from the sea.

Photography – capturing my own images or enjoying fantastic images that other people have taken. Having a picnic. Either somewhere picturesque or just in my living if it’s a rainy day. Swing music – Sammy Davis Junior, Frank Sinatra. Ladybugs. Beachcombing – scouring the beach for anything of interest that’s been deposited on the sand by the changing tides. Hot air balloons. Hopefully one day I’ll have the balls to go up in one. Handwritten letters. Emails are fine and Facebook is useful but, seeing somebody has taken the time to write properly and seeing their personality in the words is very different.

Feeling sand between my toes. Sunflowers. They open-up when they want to and enjoy the sun. Then they hide themselves away again. Fantasia. Discounts – it’s not that I’m tight fisted, but I like to know I’m getting the best for my money. Big, oversized jumpers, warm blankets and thick socks. Seeing a fireplace with a proper fire in it. Singing even though I’m tone deaf. Crayola products – felt tips, pencils, wax crayons. They remind me of being young and that even though I can’t even draw a stick man, art is fun. Bookstores. Their sounds, people, smells and just how they feel.

People who can make me laugh when I don’t even feel like smiling. Baking. The fact that you can eat what you create and I particularly enjoy people making yummy noises if they enjoy  what I’ve made. Downton abbey. Doctor Who. Daffodils, because they remind me of my nana. Finding a folded over crisp and pretending it’s a handbag. Brushing my teeth. Younger people who have exquisite manners. Learning something new. The Despicable Me minions.

Having a crush or attraction to somebody. Wearing my jogging bottoms and comfy slippers at the end of a long day. Action movies. When people have individuality. Not in an extreme way, just the little things. Lazy Sunday afternoons. Waking up in the morning and being able to lay in bed for a bit longer before you have you get up. Remembering a TV programme, habit or book I enjoyed during my childhood. A massage. Holding hands. Gratitude – the fact that I did something for the benefit of somebody else and they appreciate what I did.


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