Internet Friendships

Absolutely LOVE this blog by Eve McFadden. It’s something I think about a lot – how people who are online really fit into my life and how. I have a lot of friends online at this point and I’m not sure what I’d be without them (I wouldn’t want to find out) but some people I meet in real life find it really strange.

I speak to people of all ages, genders, personality types etc through my blog, online gaming, my photography, my editing and my writing and I’ve gotten used it – in fact I love it. To some though it’s something they never have and never will do either because of their feelings or because they think they’re too old for it.

Either way, I’m glad I have real life friends but, there’s something different about only knowing people through a screen – you have far less to judge them on and in fact far less to be judged about yourself which is a plus. But at the same time you feel like you can ignore certain aspects of each others’ lives and concentrate on the things you actually WANT to talk about.

Anyway I’m waffling on! Take a look at this blog – especially if you have online friends but also if you don’t and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Eve's Blog

Funny things, aren’t they, those “pen pal” relationships we strike up these days? Well, we have for some years, haven’t we? I have. I remember years ago using a social site called “” (no relation to the late, lamented television series), using ICQ to chat with people I hadn’t met.

Now it’s everywhere. Your parents are probably on Facebook, and maybe your grandparents, even if you wish they weren’t. You can leave comments everywhere, and I’m sure lots of you out there have struck up “e-pal” correspondences with a few people, at least from time to time. I certainly have. After I posted a story called Ghosts of the Forum on, my current beta reader contacted me to say he liked the story despite the many (many, many) errors I’d made about Montreal and Canadian French. That was something like three years ago, and we’re good friends now.

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